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The lady of ties

The lady of ties

The lady of ties is the novel of a woman under analysis: each chapter tells a fundamental session, 17 chapters include 17 sessions. The psychoanalyst is a man, and therefore the novel describes "the journey of a man into the female unconscious": the journey gets to what not even a woman knows about herself. She is a woman of our time, a teacher, a wife (betrayed by her husband) and a mother (abandoned by her daughter): a typically western career woman, vexed by neuroses. In order to heal, she must break off "the ties" that keep her prisoner.

The book was issued at the same time in Italy, France, Spain, and Argentina: a woman reader from Buenos Aires wrote to the author: "It is my story, where have we met?" In the latest editions, the book is published together with a ten page long letter where another woman reader says: "It's me, I feel detected and revealed, and I'm going to kill myself..."

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