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Ferdinando Camon

The sickness called man

Translated by John Shepley

The Marlboro Press, Usa


The sickness called man

The Sickness Called Man is the story of a psychoanalysis - of Camon's own psychoanalysis - with the inevitable corrections, adjustments, reshapings to which an experience is subjected in the course of its transformation into a novel. Attempting to examine what he has said in this book about the experience of saying in analytic sessions what cannot be said elsewhere, Camon insists that this is not the usual story of an analysis. There are to be sure all the stages of the long via crucis of psychoanalysis, with its rituals (the long silences, excited outbursts, painful clarifications, punishing and selfpunishing tricks and gambits), the recurrent dreams and nightmares, the psychosomatic ailments, the private sexual traumas... What does it add up to? What does it signify? The ills that punctuate the life of the protagonist, the author finds, are the result of the crisis of a civilization, the collapse of an entire moral system, the disappearance of the mother-churches and the fatherpolitical parties. The resulting text is a "lament of Western man" undermined by the triumph of woman, and a kind of ecce homo after the fall of ideologies.

Crisis is the material dealt with throughout Ferdinando Camon's writings. He has recounted the crisis and death of peasant civilization (in the novels The Fifth Estate, Life Everlasting, and Memorial), then the political crisis guised as terrorism (Occident, The Story of Sirio) and finally the crisis that leads to psychoanalysis (in La donna dei fili and Il canto delle balene as well as in The Sickness Called Man).

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