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Ferdinando Camon


Translated by David Calicchio

The Marlboro Press, Usa



"I come," writes Camon, "from a poor but very Catholic family of Veneto peasants. I lived for years in a house built half of terracotta tile, half of sundried brick that melted in the rain and buckled like cardboard. We lived with the animals, with vermin. We lacked everything. But there was that great, sublime, irrecuperable strength to endure that came from religiosity, and that for all of us was incarnated in our mother..." With Memorial, devoted to the death of his mother, Camon closes his "Ciclo degli ultimi," a trilogy that retraces one of the greatest and least perceived events of history: the end of peasant civilization. With it disappears a particular kind of man and a particular ethic and a unique power: "the capacity to invent a form of immortality." Ferdinando Camon was born in 1935; he lives in Padua. Memorial, originally published in 1978 as Un altare per la madre, is the first of his books to have appeared in English.

On Memorial; "A short novel of exceptional beauty set in an Italian peasant village-a sublime work of art."
Raymond Carver

On Camon: "A writer of such importance that one does not know where or with whom to place him in the literature of our time." 
Philippe Guilhon in "Le Monde des livres".

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